GXS is a Sussex based Parking Management security company with particular expertise in leisure and corporate security risk management, private land parking control and the protection of private clients. We rigorously enforce high standards of dress, timekeeping and behavior, and seek continuously to exceed industry standards of best practice.


Why Use GXS Services

  • Certified -

GXS is a proud member and approved operator of the IPC(International Parking Community)


  • Zero Cost Parking Solutions -

GXS Can provide 24hr Permit Patrol Free of charge to the landowner


  • Dedicated Management Team -

Utilising GXS Services means you will have dedicated access to a highly trained and motivated back office support staff members and management.


  • Technology -

GXS Services, ensuring we stay ahead of the competition by constantly pushing our boundaries and pursuing new technologies, ensuring our staff are using the latest equipment and our clients are always benefiting from the power of latest inovations



Mission Statement


"To provide and exceed the Industry Standard for Parking operations in the UK, to go the extra mile for our clients without compromising quality or integrity.. To ensure the needs of our customers are the very focal point of our management team at all times"



GXS Services Ltd Registered in England and Wales Company Number 09750413

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